Sunday, 15 February 2009

Steven Birrell - what a star!

Apart from the man himself, anyone reading this who doesn't know him could be wondering who Steven Birrell is. And why would anyone write in a blog about someone they haven't seen for over two years?

Thing is, thanks to e-mail, Facebook, and yes, even blogs, you can keep 'in touch' so easily these days. Steven worked for Scottish FDF whilst I was at FDF in London, and we shared many things, often at a distance, usually relating to football. I felt very humbled when I was one of few people who Steven shared the news of his father's illness with cancer, and though I know at the time it was a small thing for me, I was honoured to be included as absent guest when Steven and his friends held a fund raising dinner for Maggie's, a hospice up in Scotland. My role in that dinner was to obtain a signed Manchester United shirt...using nothing more than the cheekiness of an e-mail, a bit of ready wit, and the offer of a postage stamp. Man U didn't even ask for their money back. I wonder where that shirt is now?

Steven has been in touch via Facebook again're a good 'un, lad. Kepp smiling.

Since I last blogged, we have had a great weekend in Centerparcs in Thetford, where, on the Sunday evening, it snowed. Two weeks later, later it feels like it only just stopped. Not in good enough time though to prevent yet another Brampton Spartans match falling foul. Chatteris away, on this occasions. I was looking forward to going there, being our first match on that part of the Fens since I discovered the song by Half Man Half Biscuit, about the place (see much earlier in the blog pages). Never mind, no doubt we'll no play on a mid week evening in May! What's Chatteris if we're not there?

Doesn't music shape your life if you let it. Certain tunes remind of certain things, though right now, I have iTunes playing The Best of Focus in the background which I bought for five tracks I like and the one that is playing is an previously little heard (by me) instrumental called Focus II. I have to thank Steve Stride for sending me the recent Bruce Springsteen album, and as far as freebies go, you can't beat the one I got with The Independent whilst at Centerparcs. A number of Sigur Ros of which you will have heard before if you manage to sit through plugs for BBc documentaries.

Ah, now, Hot Chip's Over and Over just come on. This reminds me of driving to Stansted last August on the way to Guernsey. "Like a monkey with a minature cymbal" ....nice line.

The tiles are going back today. We took advantage of a Topps Tiles deal where you buy tiles to see if they look right, and we need some for the ensuite floor. We like the size (they are big ones); we like the texture (bobbly surface....less slippy) But the colour just doesn't work I am afraid.

Viva La mind's back in California. Did I tell you that we bought tickets for their show at Lancashire Old Trafford Cricket Ground next August? I have now.

Yeah, well that's it for now. I need to help with the chores....not the most exciting of Sundays but that's down to snow, no thaw and Chatteris.