Thursday, 23 June 2011

An open letter to the local UKIP chairman

Dear Mr Webster

I had a leaflet through the door tonight from you. It’s nice to see a bit of canvassing going on outside of election time.

However, the leaflet states one figure which needs further explanation.

It states that “apparently, Conservative and Liberal Democrat Councillors have recently claimed £1.25 million in personal expenses, which seems excessive.”

It would be excessive if only it were true.

The FULL costs of Huntingdon District Council’s allowances, expenses etc for 2010/11 was £425k. Check the HDC website, the full amounts are there.

As a recipient of one of the allowances in question, the £3,807 I was paid (gross by the way, before the tax man had his slice) is recompense for the hours on top of normal life that Councillors put in. I was recently asked by an old school friend why I got involved in local politics. I replied that it certainly wasn’t for the money. No wonder a former LibDem Council colleague of mine said recently, “I shall miss a lot of it, but at least I have my life back.”

I don’t suppose you’ll be issuing another leaflet any time soon, so perhaps I ought to drop the Hunts Post a line to put some clarity into things.

I am delighted to hear that HDC’s two UKIP members pledge their allowances to local causes. And, unlike ex UKIP Councillor Andrew Monk, they don’t claim expenses, though I accept his was a mere £82.80.

Mine, for the record was £0.00.

I hope you don’t mind me dropping you a line to dispute your leaflet, but I am reminded of a quote by the late Aneurin Bevan.

“This is my truth, tell me yours”

All the best

Cllr Ste Greenall
Huntingdon East Lib Dem Councillor