Thursday, 13 January 2011

Very belated Happy New Year

Right, late New year resolution. To use this blog a heck of a lot more! Starting - late - today.

Alerted by another blogger to the Huntingdonshire District Council website, and the publication of all items of expenditure over £500 since April 2010, I have now copied all the data onto one large spreadsheet, so it can be analysed. It is mind-boggling, and whilst I am sure there are many good explanations for some of the spending, this data will be very valuable in the next few weeks.

The next few months at Council will be very interesting as the budget for 2011-12 will finally be signed off and the projected spend for future years will also be done. All of which will be subject to intense scrutiny, especially now that the HDC has published all items of expenditure over £500 for the 8 months April to November last year.

Meanwhile, I shall be putting time into trying to ensure that payments in grants to the voluntary sector are as protected as can be, or that alternative assistance can be found.