Thursday, 7 April 2011

Within a month of the formation of the Coalition Government last year, the following statement was published:- "Communities Secretary Eric Pickles and Local Government Association Chair Baroness Eaton joined forces today to urge all councils to publish details of all spending over £500 in full and online as part of wider action to bring about a revolution in town hall openness and accountability." What's more "(Pickles) He makes clear that transparency and openness should be the default setting for the way councils do business, and calls on local government to move at speed to adopt this new approach." Now anyone reading this blog might wonder why that's a huge step forward. Simply put, it not only gives the general public morte access to what's going on, but it helps Councillors like me ask more detailed questions, both in Council, and at Overview and Scrutiny Panel meetings. The Huntingdonshire District Council website - - has published lists of items over £500, as well as publishing details of senior management salaries and expenses. I urge everyone to read the numbers. Ste

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