Thursday, 26 May 2011

I do hope my MP isn't getting annoyed at me, after all, this is the second time I have written to him in a short space of time.

Dear Mr Djanogly,

As one of your constituents, I am writing to ask you to consider signing Early Day Motion 1194: which calls on the government to reconsider its proposed cuts to Legal Aid.

These cuts will threaten access to justice for millions of people, with legal areas such as medical negligence, employment, immigration, welfare and family law being affected or take completely out of scope. I was alerted to the campaign, and have copied a section of this letter from the recommended text, but I have also tailored it myself.

The “Sound Off For Justice” campaign - for the positive reform of Legal Aid, ( - has consulted lawyers and those that will be directly affected by the proposed cuts. They are now suggesting alternative reforms to the current system. Importantly these reforms will ensure that the required savings can be made whilst safeguarding the public right to legal support and access to justice. It is of utmost importance that these alternatives are reviewed before the governmental response to the reforms on Legal Aid are published and subsequently go to the vote in the Treasury.

I am supporting the “Sound Off For Justice” campaign because I want to protect access to justice for the millions that stand to become more vulnerable should the Government's proposed reforms be accepted. I was surprised, but encouraged, to see your picture in issue 1289 of “Private Eye” at the recent “Sound Off For Justice” march. Would it be correct to assume that your agreeing to be pictured at the protest signals your agreement with the protest’s aims? I would find it very confusing if you didn’t support the aims of the protest that you went to the march, dressed casually.

May I encourage you to write separately to the Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice, Rt Hon. Kenneth Clarke QC, MP, to express concerns on my behalf?

Thank you in anticipation of your support,

Yours sincerely

Ste Greenall
Snowy Way


In many ways, this campaign reminds me of what our Liberal Democrat group on HDC is trying to do with regard to the voluntary sector grants - i.e. to protect the funding and seek more sensible - and fair - savings elsewhere.

I hope the campaign is a great success

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