Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Yes to AV......and a big yes for Kev Sumner

Only a day to go, leaflets have been delivered, doors knocked on, boards put up - the latest in Sparrowhawk Way (thanks David) - and tomorrow, the voters will decide.

It's looking like the AV vote isn't going the way of the YES campaign, but I feel quietly confident that Kev Sumner is going to join Mike Shellens and I as District Councillors in Huntingdon East. I had been anticipating a lot of grief at the doorsteps, but what came as a very pleasant surprise were (a) the number of people who said "you are doing a good job" (b) the number who recognised me, and said they'd voted for me last year (among the 2,075 !!) (c) that they were going to continue to support the Lib Dems.

That can only mean, in my eyes, that at least in our little patch, we have shown that we are true to our word, and we have done what we promised - to work hard, to scrutinise, to take on casework, and to ensure that the Conservatives don't get it all their own way.

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